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We Caught A Thief!

My brother Gbade and I are the closest siblings ever. He is older than me with just 10months and when I was growing up, he told me that we were actually twins.  He had a number of theories for why we were not born on the same day though: I was a cry baby and I wanted to enjoy our mom’s womb longer than necessary, so I stayed. I pushed

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That’s Not My Name!

A part of me just always knew; somewhere deep inside me, I always knew that they were not my parents. Call me insecure but I know the signs of pseudo-love when I see them.  I am supposedly the first born of my supposed parents. I don’t remember a life before them but I’m sure one existed – I have been sure since I was about 10. I have 3 younger

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By God’s Grace

I was very angry today as I prepared for church service. It isn’t that Dayo does not know never to wear my shoes, he just doesn’t think I’m respectable enough to be obeyed. I looked at my neon sneakers and sighed. Mud all over the soles! Mom said as she did her makeup, ‘That’s good for you. Next time you’ll keep your things well. And why are you even thinking

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