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Eyelids Like A Swing

There is a sleep that waits for me every morning. Because I chase it out of my eyes when I jog; And later wash off its residue with soap and water as I get ready for the day, It wanders off to my classroom and sits on my seat; Whistling and dangling its feet.   I go to my class filled with good vibes. Smiling at happy faces; avoiding groggy

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Slips… Sleep

Say what you want about sleep, but it and I have come to a mutual understanding a long time ago: Don’t disturb me and I would indulge you for 3 hours a day. These stupid medical people would come and tell me: Oh, that’s bad. That’s terrible! Tragic indeed. Take this paper with the worst handwriting and head to the pharmacist; he will give you more than enough pills to

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‘What is sleep to you?‘ I asked the babe ‘Shhh… He is sleeping‘ replied his mother as he drowsily suckled at her breast.  ‘What is sleep to you?’ I asked the pre-school baby ‘I’ll have to whisper and talk to you. They always force us to sleep here in the crèche’ he replied  ‘What is sleep to you?‘ I asked the schoolboy  ‘I don’t even have enough time to sleep,

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My Awesome Nightmares

Prompt:  Feb 19 Nightmares Describe the last nightmare you remember having? What do you think it meant? —— Nightmare  Noun \’ nīt – mer \ a dream that frightens a sleeping person.  I have nightmares all the time. I have to; Because I reason that if my dreams are not nightmares, of what use are they to me? – I have nightmares all the time. I love them! I want

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