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Hey! I Am Not A Leader!

I am so distraught. Even more so because I never told anyone that I am a leader. I have never raised my hands to ask people to believe in me and make me the ‘head of something’ . I never got any leadership position except one time in secondary school when they wanted to make me the bell ringer and I vehemently rejected it… That’s not even the point. The

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Less Merry Days

In all the 365 days of the year, I’ll bet you that there will be some less merry days.  Days when you are not you and people are not people.  Days when your insecurities and fears are expanded far more than your confidence and pride.  Days when you’d rather just crawl under a rock and cohabit with crabs so that maybe you’ll learn how to have a thick skin: Days

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The first misconception I had was when I was 16 years old. I had sex and got pregnant basically. It was wrong, scary, humiliating, revealing and a bunch of other adjectives. When I had to pause Ss3 for a compulsory maternity leave (granted by my expulsion from my school), my classmates would post on my Facebook wall: Hail Mary full of grace. The only Grace you are full of is

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Nice Dress

Something weird happened in church today.  When I got to church, the usher lead me to sit beside this really handsome young man. I sat. My pastor had just climbed to the pulpit and the pre-word worship was just ending. He looked into the crowd and smiled. It was queer because most people still wore solemn expressions on their faces, but he said, ‘Good morning beautiful people. Please look to

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‘Breathe…’ ‘Take deep breaths…’ ‘That’s good, just breathe…’ It is funny (but not funny) that these same words I heard during my labour are the same I hear every night since the day my baby turned 5 days old.  I gave birth to Iyanu; I did. On the 7th day of January, I suddenly felt my water break and all my research on labour and labour composure couldn’t prepare me

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Book. August.  I’ve always loved August because it’s my birth month. I turn 21 this month.  Last year my dad said, ‘People don’t celebrate 20 years birthday. People celebrate 21. You can join us to drink then’  My mom said, ‘Don’t listen to your daddy o. Ehn? Everyday we live, we must celebrate life. Do you know how many people want to be your age? In your body? Having your

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