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Talk Less, Do More

Humans are pretty much the only organisms that talk.   I’ll agree that that first statement is flawed in at least two ways; 1. The definition of ‘talk’ is relative. A bird can think birds are the only organisms who talk because it understands only chirp-language.  2. Parrots talk. We’ve had about 4 parrots in my family and I can boldly say that one out of these four actually spoke like

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 H-Factor Speech

I was very impressed today with a young lady named Amina. I attended a conference with really high-end participants. Everyone had an accent; whether innate or improvised. No one seemed immune to it, and if you found yourself having a discussion with someone at that conference, you would suddenly realize that the words rolled off your tongue differently.  Then came Amina. She had a question to ask during one of

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4 Pence

Prompt: 16 March Show and Tell You’ve been asked to do a 5-minutes presentation to a group of young school children on the topic of your choice. Describe your presentation   A Topic of Your Choice ‘Hello children! I won’t take much of your time, I promise. After I give this short speech however, I’ll be at the back of the hall, standing just there. You can come to me

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Toyin & Dami

How we met: Dami We met at a wedding. Typical. But there was nothing typical about her. We were seated at the same table and the emcee kept picking on her. He used her for his joke-telling. One time, he came to the table and said, ‘Aunty, una get Philip iron for house?’ Of course, she did not respond. Then he said, ‘If una no get am, go buy am

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