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Madness at the Wrong Time

‘I’m just about to start’, I shouted from the bathroom. This was not the kind of communal life I was called to; I thought to myself. He knocked on the door again and said, ‘Do fast, abeg’. I rolled my eyes. The things that get me angry are the tiniest things. Like when Junior makes that craw-craw sound with his throat when it itches him; or when the meat seller

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The Diary of The Bride

*Been off for a while… But I’m back. Here’s something from me.* 25.04.2015 Dear Diary, It’s 2:00am on the morning of my white wedding and I’m passively freaking out. I have gotten up like 20 times to look at my dress over and again. I have wondered at philosophical lengths as to whether I could have done this any better; the dress, that is. My shoes are the worst. They’ll

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