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You Were So You Are

You were a wonder long before she stared at you and said ‘wow‘ You will still remain so after she looks over your head as though you weren’t there.   You were a gem long before he called you priceless. You will still remain so after he tries to buy your love.   You were a beauty long before the photographers and tabloids flashed your pictures around. You will still

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You Will Be Surprised 

You will be surprised when I don’t flinch; At your screams and yells, anymore.  You will be surprised when I smile; At your bitter words intended to make me cry.  You will be surprised when I say no To all the things that fetched you yes before. You will be surprised when you call my name; And you get the echoes as your voice as answers.  You will be surprised

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Me and My Strength 

We used to be best pals before; me and my strength. I would wake up in the morning and I didn’t even need to tell it –  it would already be coursing through my mental, physical body, gearing me up for the day.  If I wanted to resist eating something I realized I was getting addicted to, I’d just tell my strength to get it out of the way for

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