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I Answered the Bar

… albeit with Lethargy   A couple of months ago, I quit a good paying job simply because I was not seeing the proportional result of my input. This was not my first time of doing this. I have realized over time that I get super weary in situations where I cannot refer to a tangible outcome of what I do – whatever that is. In my head, it should

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Present past

You imagined success so much that it felt like you were only reminiscing when you finally had it. You had clicked ‘Enter’ and though your heart raced, it was not with fear. In your mind, the only image that swarm around was of distinctions. And so when the webpage finally loaded, you barely blinked at what you already knew: All A’s.   Everyone is going nuts at your result Your

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Work hard, then chill

Today was stressful! Full of stressful things like walking upandan, studying, working on my final year thesis and you know, generally living in Lagos. It got me wondering about hard work and why people work so hard, and the different ‘schools’ of thought. Many people believe hard work is the only way to succeed. We’ve all heard it from the motivation people them, “Work hard! Be diligent! That’s the only way you

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Life Gave Me Lemonade

‘Life gave me lemonade and I can’t imagine why’ – Chris Rice  I am from a terrifically wealthy and influential background My dad gave me every cent of my start-up capital. But I have to wake up every morning and actually run the company  I have to relate with people, deal with calls from investors, make on-the-spot decisions, treat my employees with firm respect and love, manage the funds we

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What now?

‘What are you doing with the alphabets?’ asked people.  ‘I don’t know’ said I.  ****  And I indeed did not know!  From A-Z, everyday I picked up my phone (yes, I started writing with my phone) to write, I’d feel a little afraid because I would think of how the previous alphabet was simply the best I could have done and how I never could top that.  But I think

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2004: Mr Goke

Prompt: Feb 24 Buffalo nickel Dig through your couch cushions, your purse or the floor of your car and look at the year printed on the first coin you fine. What were you doing that year?   2004. Primary 5 I thought primary 5 was a big deal. It was my final year in the Primary School and all I wanted to do was get away from everyone who knew

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