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Mrs. Wedding Planner

I was there the day the fire began in her heart. My friend Simi and I had followed a link to an article on BellaNaija. It was about a really cute couple who had met in a police station and had gotten married in the police station courtyard. Abroad, of course. The wedding vows were awesome and Simi and I found ourselves saying ‘Awww’ as we watched the video.  Then

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Love is (automatically) Supportive

  On the 27th of July 2015, at about 10:30pm, I climbed Kevwe’s bed on the top bunk, pulled out my laptop and started typing an article for which I had gotten an inspiration to write during the day. Intermittently, I would pause, pick up my phone and reply Yinka’s chat or I would crack a joke for my roommates and we’ll all laugh.   Leave me in a desert

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*I know I was on a ‘proposals roll.’ But…* The above picture was taken yesterday evening at the University of Lagos Sports Center. I had gone there at about 4:20 to take pictures of a sports event and when it was 4:55, it started to drizzle. Also, around that time, a blind athlete (in the neon vest) walked onto the tracks with his training partner. I had never seen such

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