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Nice Dress

Something weird happened in church today.  When I got to church, the usher lead me to sit beside this really handsome young man. I sat. My pastor had just climbed to the pulpit and the pre-word worship was just ending. He looked into the crowd and smiled. It was queer because most people still wore solemn expressions on their faces, but he said, ‘Good morning beautiful people. Please look to

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UnSeparating: Mom

“When the world is colder than cool; I’ll wrap you in my arms and bless you with the warmest embrace. When hell switches sides with the earth And the heat gets too unbearable for you, I’ll trade my warmth for icy heartlessness And take you in my arms until I am melted into perfect oblivion” I stuck my phone in front of my mom and showed her the picture I

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Madness at the Wrong Time

‘I’m just about to start’, I shouted from the bathroom. This was not the kind of communal life I was called to; I thought to myself. He knocked on the door again and said, ‘Do fast, abeg’. I rolled my eyes. The things that get me angry are the tiniest things. Like when Junior makes that craw-craw sound with his throat when it itches him; or when the meat seller

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Public Healthcare

Prompt: Feb 7 Right to Health Is access to medical care something that governments should provide, or is it better left to the private sector? Are there drawbacks to your choice? I would die soon.  It’s the same dream every night, although it isn’t a dream – I am here on the hospital bed looking at the ceiling. There’s always a mosquito here. I call it Ayan Labala. It flies

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At Least I Do

We saw today and we talked… for a long time. I laughed more than half the time and he kept smiling at me. 3:45am this morning, I woke up and saw a mail… from him. It said; ‘If someone asked me to say what I love the most about you, I would not think twice. I would smile and say ‘Her laughter. I love her laughter the most.’ And I

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