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Erm… Mr Murphy?

Prompt: 27 Feb Comedy of errors Murphy’s Law says, ‘Anything that can go wrong will go wrong’. Write about a time everything did – fiction encouraged here too!   Bonus assignment: do you keep a notebook next to your bed? Good. Tomorrow morning, jot down the first thought you have upon waking, whether or not it’s coherent.   It happened on Friday and started in Editing class. I had walked

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***This was written by my friend Rachel; about our other friend – Ekelemchi.  I am tired. In every sense of it, this exhaustion is from within and I can feel it everywhere. I had previously written a post ranting about my life and the most recent event,; my result. I had been heavily burdened all week, I had just seen my results and it wasn’t good. I was devastated, I

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Ebola Scare

Hello!! So, this is the last article in my writer’s prompt project. The last 13 write-ups have been great for me. And even though at some point I started writing off-point, every single article I wrote taught me a lot about myself as a writer. But that’s story for another day. Tomorrow is Ola-Gamaliel’s birthday!!!!! I just want to use this medium to say a little about Ola/Gama. Gama is

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Resignation Baby!

*Today’s topic is ‘My resignation’* Enjoy (or don’t.. I don’t care. I’m happy!!) Have you ever had a dream come true? I have!! As I write this article, I am as elated as the heavens. Honestly, it’s a wonder I can speak coreesct English. I’ll tell you exactly what happened. Have you ever had someone who you just weren’t sure how they felt about you? I have. Or well… I

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