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Falling Things

When we were 14, Bayo told me he was traveling to Canada in the Fall, I said, ‘How stupid? If you can go when everything is upright, why go when they are coming down?’  He said that’s when he knew he loved me, ‘With every word, I fell in love and I’m still falling‘, he said.  On our wedding day he said that he’ll stick by me, ‘if you get poor,

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Marriage: Traffic Rules

I love my mother-in-law.  I know that’s not something you hear so much of, in the black community but it’s the truth for me. I was scared at first too and perhaps I was too scared of her that the more important things eluded me as I got married. More important things like; acknowledging that my husband and I are not perfect human beings and marriage is not a perfect

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There’s the man knocking on a door and there’s that living a hard-knock life. How many trials does it take to know that the door is locked against you for real?  How many trials does it take to realize that the trials themselves are open doors? How many trials would it take you to get sore knuckles? How many knocks do we get to know we’re facing a trial? How

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