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Dear All the People Who Believe in Me

Dear All the People Who Believe in Me, That there is even an audience to write to, humbles me. That I’m not scribbling this in my journal and reading it to myself in the mirror; humbles me. And yes, a perfect rhythm to this thought would be for me to say “however, if I were the only person who believed in myself, I’d be 100% super and good”, but I

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Hey? Babe? Hey!

He said ‘hi'; I said ‘bye‘ He said ‘wait’,  I said ‘why?‘ He said, ‘listen‘, I said, ‘Talk‘ He said, ‘thanks‘, I said ‘Talk‘ He said ‘I like you‘, I said, ‘Haha‘ He said, ‘I’m serious‘, I said, ‘bye bye‘ He said ‘I’ll be persistent‘ , I said, ‘Persist away‘   He said ‘hi‘, I said, ‘hey‘ He said ‘babe‘, I said, ‘hmm‘ He said, ‘I like you‘, I said, ‘Cool‘

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Jesus! I Finished My 1st Degree!

I’m sure every reader can sense the excitement in my voice. I ended my 5-year L.LB program today in the University of Lagos and truthfully, the real implication of that hasn’t fully settled in.  Some days ago, I thought about when I got into the university in 2011. I was young and clueless. I didn’t know where my life was headed and I wanted to rewrite my past. I got

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