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Open Heavens, wyd?

When my dad knocked on my door this morning and said, ‘Deboro, devotion!’, I was completely disoriented. Considering that I only just slept at around 2am and even had to wake up somewhere in between to do something, 7am felt like an ungodly hour to do something as godly as devotion. But I dragged myself to the devotion venue and told myself, ‘Stay strong. Do little. Keep your eyes open.

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I Laughed At My Joke

‘The devil is a liar, but then we’re also too believing.’ I remember writing my New Year article for 2016 and thinking I had such a rough 2015. 2016 probably just chuckled and nodded. Two weeks before this week, I would pick up my writing device after a long day and just jumble some words together. I confess that I did not enjoy writing any of my recent articles because

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At Least In This War

‘Quick. Take only your essential’ she said. ‘There’s a war outside and we must miss it just in time’  I took my money  But my money is just a piece of paper that can barter only for a few things.  Alas, my money couldn’t buy me anything; at least not life; at least not in this war.  •••• Quick. Take only your essential‘ she said. ‘There’s a war outside and

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I Want To Be My Children

I was thinking of my children today and my heart swelled with envy.   I am so jealous of my children, I want to be them! I am jealous of my children because they have such an amazing life.  I wish I have parents as cool as they have. It’s envious how their parents always have such a good time with them; laughing, singing, dancing, debating.  My children’s mom and

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Life Gave Me Lemonade

‘Life gave me lemonade and I can’t imagine why’ – Chris Rice  I am from a terrifically wealthy and influential background My dad gave me every cent of my start-up capital. But I have to wake up every morning and actually run the company  I have to relate with people, deal with calls from investors, make on-the-spot decisions, treat my employees with firm respect and love, manage the funds we

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Mom, even you? 

One of the greatest mysteries I think exist in life is how people say some things and then mean another. I have never understood it, even since I was just an all-believing child.  It’s funnier because I find that I can hear what people don’t say louder than I can hear what they say. And so it baffles me when I hear words different from what comes out of your

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Sarah Solomon – Roland kor

Prompt: 9 March VIP Who’s the most important person in your life – and how would your day-to-day existence be different without them?     When I saw the question and realized that Sarah was scheduled for today, I told myself to  get ready to write things about myself because I’m obviously the most important person to her in this life. But then I asked (just to be courteous and

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Dear Jedediah

Prompt: Feb 9 Childhood Revisited Sure, you turned out pretty good, but is there anything you wish had been different about your childhood? If you have kids, is there anything you wish were different for them? Dear  Jedediah, I’m so nervous writing this letter as you’re the very reason why I started blogging; to leave you trails of evidence of my literary development (so we don’t have to argue about

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