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The Melancholy’s Mantra

I am the M in Mr. NIGER D Melancholy. Oh? The M does not stand for Melancholy? Now I’m red-faced. I always find innovative ways to embarrass myself. And people are always looking at me and my actions and judging me. I am always thinking about what and who and why and how and where Every action has consequences Every emotion matters Every mistake is not a mistake. Sorry, I

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My Driver

I just thought to share something I wrote in a recruitment test I did some months back. The question was; ‘In your own words, what drives you?’  My answer: “In the spirit of being proactive and observant, I would like to just point out that no one owns any ‘word’. Well, except Beyoncé who owns bootylicious. It’s okay that she owns the word; I don’t care.  It’s a ridiculous word

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It’s Feburary; the month of love? It feels like a sick joke to me as well, but it isn’t. It is one month since Iyanu left and everyday has seemed like an elongation of a terrible nightmare.  Today is the 14th; Valentine’s Day. My parents have not let me go back to school because I am ‘not fit’ to be around others. I don’t know where my mom is seeing

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