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He Didn’t

He loved his mom He loved his car He loved his jokes But he didn’t love me. *** He picked his laundry  He picked his fights  He picked his nose  But he didn’t pick me *** He knew his Maths  He knew his Physics  A little bit of biology  But not our chemistry  *** He called the shots  He called the tune He could call anyone’s bluff  But he never

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I recently remembered some wicked people I’ve met… Enjoy…  The very first wicked person I remember ever meeting in this life was Aunty Ijeoma. I mean, it could have been the doctor who gave me un-identical ear piercings but I don’t remember meeting her so Aunty Ijeoma would have to do. She was my class teacher in primary 4. She was Igbo, tall, fair and hairy. Of course, that did

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At Least I Do

We saw today and we talked… for a long time. I laughed more than half the time and he kept smiling at me. 3:45am this morning, I woke up and saw a mail… from him. It said; ‘If someone asked me to say what I love the most about you, I would not think twice. I would smile and say ‘Her laughter. I love her laughter the most.’ And I

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Je suis a fighter

*Hello people, this is another ‘One Pic; a Thousand Stories’ post. Remember; you can send in your own interpretation of the picture to* ‘I love you no matter what you do, but do you have to do so much of it?’ Those were the words James had scribbled in the card he thrust into my hand. I read them, rolled my eyes and said (exaggerating concern) ‘She cheated again?’

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