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On V

On Vanity There is a thin line between loving yourself and loving self. Loving yourself is an urgent requirement in this complex-shaping world. And loving self is a vain mandatoriness to becoming a blind non-recipient of important blessings. On Vaseline My grandmother is wonderful; a woman of few but great words; a lion who protects her cubs fiercely; a cook of no comparison; a legend of traditional African politics and

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Coincidentally, It’s Valentine’s!

Prompt:  Feb 14 Cupid’s arrow It’s Valentine’s Day, so write an ode to someone or something you love. Bonus points for poetry!  (The ode was written and sent to the someone I love. This is an extract from the main write-up.) “…normally, I’d write fiction within minutes and without hassle because it’s all made-up and I do not have to dig deep into my emotions to relay whatever… but this

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