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At Least In This War

‘Quick. Take only your essential’ she said. ‘There’s a war outside and we must miss it just in time’  I took my money  But my money is just a piece of paper that can barter only for a few things.  Alas, my money couldn’t buy me anything; at least not life; at least not in this war.  •••• Quick. Take only your essential‘ she said. ‘There’s a war outside and

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The Michal You Know

Looking back, that day was doomed to be doomed. I had gotten into my kitchen and my maid was sleeping… SLEEPING! In my father’s house, if you doze off on duty – maid, doorman, guard or even daughter, you’re sure to have the lashings of your life. All of us had suffered it at some point. We were never really pampered because we lived in the palace. All of us

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