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The Boat That Made Me Dream Again

So, (they say I should stop starting my sentences with so. But, so) I’m sitting on my bed in the Nigerian Law School, Lagos Campus and my roommate shrieks and says ‘Boro! (she pronounces Boro terribly, but she’s adorable so it’s fine) look out of the window!’ Now, before I tell you what was outside the window, can I just gush over the fact that my room overlooks the body

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Like A Well Without Water

I turn on the TV for some water And I see a well He is a politician; with a river of words gushing out of his well of a mouth I pant and reach into his deep deep words. But, alas, I found no water His words were bogus; They were the ramblings of a clueless mind But as deep as they sounded, They lacked substance – Like a well

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All the noises around me were background to the thoughts in my head as I lay down on Sabo street bleeding from my back (at least that was the only part I knew; the only part I could feel) There were different voices. I could hear the woman who had sat beside me on the bus saying, ‘And I told her to hold the bus. Hold the bus. But she

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Asking For Too Much

What is it our elders always say? ‘If the goat knew it would be led to its slaughter, it would not  have eaten the food it was served?’ I’m not sure our elders say it… But it’s a fine sounding sentence.   The day it all happened, I woke up happier than ever. I picked up my phone which faithfully lay by my right and checked my messages. One class

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Stupid Boy (and girl)

You’re reading this in the voice of a flower. Do not panic. Or think you’re weird. Flowers are also living things. I sit here in a vase, serving as a centre piece on a table in a semi-fancy restaurant. On this beautiful evening, I have chosen not to think of all my worries; like the fact that I shall die this night when all the guests leave and would be

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