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The Woman of My Dreams

Hey guys!!! (this is me assuming I still have guys here), I’m back.  First, I may owe an apology to my readers and to those who cheered me on to write every day last year. I was like an athlete who had done so well through the course of the race, and then just at the end, I flopped on the ground and refused to get up. I may have

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In Front Of Your In-Laws

Since I got engaged, my mother has become even funnier. Before now, the whole family admitted that she could not get any funnier, but this engagement has been the stone upon which she has honed her funny skills. For one, she relates everything I do to my in-laws and why she does that, I have not the foggiest idea. One time, we were both in her room. I was painting her

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I mistakenly sent this mail to my mother-in-law and I don’t know what to do.  “Dear Ma,  Good evening.  I am glad I can talk to you about certain things that have been troubling me since my marriage commenced. I am glad you do not judge and you’re a well-enlightened woman; flexible enough to put yourself in the shoes of the young and upcoming lady. How can I put this

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Because She’s Nigerian

For polythene bags, she would say ‘rubber’ For plastic containers, she would still say ‘rubber’ But for rubber bands, she would mutter ‘band’ She would shout ‘As in!!!’ when you say what exactly she’s thinking.  And say ‘Like what?’ when she needs you to explain a concept.  Why would she say ‘I’m really surprised’ when she can say ‘I’m flabbergasted’? And why would she say ‘Tunde hurt me’ when she

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    Loss is a horrible thing… dear Lord, loss is a horrible thing.   My mother used to tell me that the day I was born, there was a rainbow in the sky but it didn’t rain. My father would always laugh and say; ‘Of course, a woman in such dramatic labor would see the heavens and beyond’. Then he would say; ‘Are you sure there wasn’t an angel

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The Diary of the Groom

 28.04.2015  Dear Ademi Diary,  Baby, I don’t know why you’re making me write to a diary when what I really just want to do is talk to you about this. But if you would rather read what I have to say, then I guess I’d be an Achebe for you. I know a lot of questions are running through your mind. And I know that you’re at war as to

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