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Doing Nothing

More than I hate doing nothing, I hate the stupid jokes that pop into my head when I’m doing nothing. For instance, ‘If you’re doing nothing, are you not doing something?’ That kind of joke. What sort of an annoying joke is that? Let me tell you something, if idle hands are the devils workshop, then my hands must be one hell of a factory. Literally. This is what I

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I Can Tell

I saw it in his eyes again this morning. I had just gone to sign in at the HR office when my boss walked in. He greeted everyone in the office but me and when I greeted him, he barely mumbled something and kept talking to the cleaner about something random. I knew it. I told my husband but he did not believe me. He kept laughing and saying, ‘Babe,

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Call For Work

It was silly and I knew it. Even paying the slightest regard to these scribblings on public walls showed that the attention payer was an idiot. They were all over Lagos: ‘Total Cure for Bumps and Keloids. Herbal Treatment. Call 08123458837′, ‘Learn to Drive in 2 Weeks: Auto and Manual. Call Waheed 08099963527′, ‘Speak English fluently in 10 days!!! Call..’ It went on.  Whenever I believed I had seen the

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Dear Choleric

Dear Choleric, What’s that? You want me to call you ‘sir’? Well that’s not going to happen; at least not in MY own letter to you.  Note that I am not writing this letter because I’m scared to face you or because you intimidate me or something. I mean, you try, but I’m as tough as any Melancholic could get.  This letter is just to let you know that your

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What now?

‘What are you doing with the alphabets?’ asked people.  ‘I don’t know’ said I.  ****  And I indeed did not know!  From A-Z, everyday I picked up my phone (yes, I started writing with my phone) to write, I’d feel a little afraid because I would think of how the previous alphabet was simply the best I could have done and how I never could top that.  But I think

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I’m Losing It

Pardon me if you don’t like today’s article. I don’t feel like writing today, or tomorrow and maybe forever. I lost my sanity today and I think I would be more thankful now if it were my mental sanity I lost. Mobile phones are such hypocrites. How can one device be playing Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ and then next minute, it’s welcoming the most terrible phone call ever. I was at the

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Plot Twist : A Plot of Land

Prompt: Feb 20  A Plot of Earth You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan? —— Nkem shivered as she heard her name through the speakers. Her name had never been so amplified, as the highest volume in which she had heard her name voiced out was by her mother – whenever she shouted at Nkem to come and

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Tooting My Horn

Prompt: Jan 16 Toot Your Horn Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favourite thing about yourself.     CAUTION: This is not fiction.   My name is Adeboro and I am growing.   I have sat to think deeply about this prompt. I have looked at myself, from my physical appearance, to the my complex-simple mind, to

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Skills and Health

Skills Acquisition Towards the end of the AMAD project, we organized a skills acquisition program for the people of the village (but of course, only the women showed up). The program was intended to help the villagers see a whole new entrepreneurial world outside Garri making and selling sweets. In the village where I worked, we were only able to teach eggrolls and soap making because the women arrived really

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