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Our child is 1 and he has not started walking yet.  At the crèche, his class teacher keeps recommending various growth boosts and whatnots. We want to say that we scoff at her as we lovingly carry our baby home, But in both our computer histories, there’s articles upon articles of research on what we can do to help our baby.  *** I am 10 years old and I do

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I carry a very heavy weight in my heart and I am looking for the right way to drop it. It’s very sensitive because it’s not supposed to be a weight on the surface of it.  Here it is: my son, Dipo, is too… Plain (blunt? Honest? Literal?).  There, I said it. I feel bad already because he’s my son and he’s only 6 years old and I shouldn’t be

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Dear Book, It’s July and it’s my third month of being pregnant. Yes… I kept the baby. A lot has happened; it’s unbelievable. I don’t even know where to start from. First, I told Charles. I met him at the Domino’s near school. I met him there because it’s in the open and so he wouldn’t have the chance to hurt me or kill me if he wanted to. It

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