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Not A Review: Stay With Me

Author: Ayobami Adebayo I remember buying this book at Patabah the Saturday in July  before I went back to Yola to complete my Law School program. That day, my heart was full of optimism, but my pocket was empty (no, not half empty). I, nevertheless,  drew money from my savings and bought Stay With Me and a couple of other books. (I may have shed a regretful tear or two

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On Jones

Jones Romijaran Ayuwo.  Today, I informed my friend that I was going to digress a little and write an article on Jones and she said (Ore, sorry) ‘aww… Imagine if you and Jones get married’  Immediately she said it, I said something like ‘That’d be so cute. We’ll just be writing to each other and will overdose on romantic letters’  Now, when I made that statement, I’ll have you know

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