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Stoned Thoughts

Day 4 Imagine that your protagonist has just turned into a statue. Describe his or her thoughts. __________ 23rd July 2016 SUNRISE NEWSPAPER …where the sun never sets. WONDER – On the 22nd day of July 2016 at Iganmu bus stop, Magodo, Lagos, the strangest thing was witnessed by over 70 spectators including vendors and commuters in the vicinity. It was a fine morning in the Magodo area of Lagos

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Ever Heard Of A Worse Dodade?

Day 3 Now send your character to his or her grumpy grandmother’s house for a visit. Write the scene of your character’s arrival. __________________ ‘If the mother of my mother is my grandmother  What would it take to silence this old woman?’ Dodade wrote this and struck it out in his poetry book. If humans were chocolate, his grandmother would be a snicker bar –  not only because she spends

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Douglas, David and Debosayo

Day 2 Think of three people in your life. Give your character the hair and laugh of person 1, the face and bedroom of person 2, and the wardrobe and mannerisms of person 3. This is your new protagonist. Feel free to give him or her any other characteristics you’d like. Give us an idea of who your character is by describing only the first 60 seconds of the character’s

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