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On days like this, I have not a drop of creative juice flowing throw my  veins.  But commitment requires me to. I have promised myself and my fictional audience, that I will churn out an article a day.  I think that’s how any good thing in life works.  There is no everlasting high for a particular person or thing or movement or business; your emotions have to be supported by

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Shame! Shame!

There are memories that never should be revisited.  For some people, it’s memories of discomfort; of the days when they were not so comfortable enough to provide for themselves or their families, the kind of life they would have loved.   My friend, James is like this. He would automatically excuse himself from any conversation where it is being reminisced that he was once ‘poor’. He has made it now and

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Not A Review: B.O.A.T

Novel: Born on a Tuesday Author: Elnathan John So I have been stalking Elnathan John since I was a little girl. Reading his blogspot space was like giving myself a treat.  Anyway, when this book came out, I thought, ‘No no no! Don’t do this Elnathan John. Don’t be like those musicians who mess up their awesome random singles with a horrible album. Stay in your ‘short stories’ lane’  But

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Who knew that P-Alaxin,  the malaria drug,  is blue in colour?  In my mind, I think that the marketing team sat together and someone raised HIS hand to suggest, ‘I really think we ought to make this drug colourful to encourage sick malaria stricken people; to make them feel like they are only taking some sort of blue candy’  Why do they say ‘once in a blue moon?’ A rough

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Just. Journaling 

I flopped this month. I had promised myself to interview one person per day every day of this month but from the beginning it’s been a war. All my dreams of being a super interviewer in life crashed before my eyes as I realized that my people skills were zero, I lacked the requisite patience to produce successful and interesting interviews, and I was terrible with time management in my

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Coincidentally, It’s Valentine’s!

Prompt:  Feb 14 Cupid’s arrow It’s Valentine’s Day, so write an ode to someone or something you love. Bonus points for poetry!  (The ode was written and sent to the someone I love. This is an extract from the main write-up.) “…normally, I’d write fiction within minutes and without hassle because it’s all made-up and I do not have to dig deep into my emotions to relay whatever… but this

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Adeboro, My Friend

Prompt: Feb 12 All about you! Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.  Haha. This is not even weird.  Yes, maybe I could have been more creative with my blog title, but I chose my blog title ‘Adeboro’ because my name is Adeboro and it is my blog.  What it means to me? On the surface of it, Adeboro means ‘royalty and wealth meet’

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Fisayo & Mayowa: Flangiprop

Prompt: Feb 1 Flangiprop! Invent a definition for the word ‘flangiprop’, then use the word in post.  How We Met: Fisayo We met on BBM (yes, I said it). It was the whole ‘fine girl on your dp, give me her pin’ thing. My friend, Nora, had messaged me and said, ‘Fish! I’m giving your pin to Mayowa o. He’s a fine boy’. I didn’t read the message until she

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Birdy, Fregene, Earth and Sniffing

Prompt: Jan 18 Free Association Write down the first words that come to mind when we say… home… soil… rain. Use those words in the title of your post.   Home… Birdy   The singer. And Fregene.   Birdy’s music tries to do to me, what onions also try to do – make me cry But I might have a medical condition, which restrains tears from falling from my eyes.

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Tooting My Horn

Prompt: Jan 16 Toot Your Horn Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favourite thing about yourself.     CAUTION: This is not fiction.   My name is Adeboro and I am growing.   I have sat to think deeply about this prompt. I have looked at myself, from my physical appearance, to the my complex-simple mind, to

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