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Madly Pissed

Today, I had a funny experience. I sat in a bus in front of two elderly people; a man and a woman. They were both deeply engrossed in a conversation when I entered the bus and I could tell by the extra creases on their faces that they were really concerned about the subject matter.  The bus was relatively quiet as though everyone was politely listening to the conversation; which

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 H-Factor Speech

I was very impressed today with a young lady named Amina. I attended a conference with really high-end participants. Everyone had an accent; whether innate or improvised. No one seemed immune to it, and if you found yourself having a discussion with someone at that conference, you would suddenly realize that the words rolled off your tongue differently.  Then came Amina. She had a question to ask during one of

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My Inconvenience 

I was sitting in front of my date and thinking, ‘Now what have you gotten yourself into?’  Earlier, when the menu list was brought to the table, I chose beef, moin-moin and salad. I liked it because it seemed like a healthy choice. Not the beef though. I chose the beef to not seem too prude and uptight in my ways. Dangerous beef eh? Just before the food was served

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I Sha Learned English!

Prompt: Feb 15 Proud When was the last time someone told you they were proud of you? abobaku – a person who dies with the king.  The week after I turned 14, I looked out of the window of my father’s house as the Palace Officials came visiting the 5th time that week. Normally, they sent a palace attendant to visit once a week with foodstuff but this week had

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Young and Old Students

The Young Students As part of the AMAD project, we got to teach both primary school and secondary school students various subjects. I couldn’t be a part of the primary education project because I was teaching English in the secondary school. However, at night, we would gather together (mostly in the dark) and exchange tales. There was a story about a little boy telling his friend that his (the friend’s)

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Today’s topic is ‘Alphabet Poem’ (A 26 line poem. With each line starting with a letter of the alphabet). I know I’m not such a good poet but I know I have to still carry on with this project. So I decided to reduce the number of people that can read my poem. Yoruba people… (H)Enjoy! Abike Omo Labinjo; Iyawo afesana Jimoh Barawo aye ati orun. Common insolent prostitute. Daadaa

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