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Dear… Book, I don’t even know where to begin. Life is not normal; I just realized that today. It looks normal but it isn’t. The person sitting next to you on a bus might have just lost her father.  Everyone in my room is happy right now. Today is Bisola’s birthday and her boyfriend bought her three cakes and some gifts. There’s some mild alcohol too and people are trooping

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***This was written by my friend Rachel; about our other friend – Ekelemchi.  I am tired. In every sense of it, this exhaustion is from within and I can feel it everywhere. I had previously written a post ranting about my life and the most recent event,; my result. I had been heavily burdened all week, I had just seen my results and it wasn’t good. I was devastated, I

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Young and Old Students

The Young Students As part of the AMAD project, we got to teach both primary school and secondary school students various subjects. I couldn’t be a part of the primary education project because I was teaching English in the secondary school. However, at night, we would gather together (mostly in the dark) and exchange tales. There was a story about a little boy telling his friend that his (the friend’s)

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